Mobile Hacks for Everyone

How to unlock any IPHONE in 2 minutes…!!! Lock the screen. Scroll down the task menu above and don’t remove your finger. Scroll it 1 cm up and you can see the slide option under it. Now slide it and press the lock button. IPHONE is unlocked Hack IPHONE with SIRI…!!! Try typing the password […]

Distributed Network Attack

A Distributed network attack (DNA) technique is used to recover protected-passwords files using the unused processing power of machine across the network to decrypt passwords. In this attack, a DNA manager is installed in a central location where machines running DNA clients can access it over the network. Lets see a sample demo how this […]

Setting Up a Pentest Lab with pfSense in VMware

The lab I am going setup it looks some what like this: Here pfsense is both firewall and router. So that I can setup both internal and external pentesting lab. Requirements: VMware Kali linux Windows (xp,7,8) Windows server(2003,2008,2012) PfSense (Download Link: )   What is pfSense firewall? pfSense is an open source firewall/router computer […]

Cloud Computing

Now a day’s Cloud computing is emerging field because of its Performance, high availability, at low cost. Cloud:Cloud is kind of Centralized database where many organizations store their data, retrieve data and possibly modify data. It will be present in the remote location. Cloud can provide services over the network. Ex: WAN, LAN and VPN. […]

Functionality and Usage of Netstat Command in Windows

What is Netstat?? Netstat (Network Statistics) is a command line tool that displays network connections for the Transmission control protocol (both incoming and outgoing), routing tables, and a number of network interface (network interface controller or software defined network interface) and network protocol statistics. It is available on multiple platforms. But let us concentrate on […]

Wireless Fidelity

Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that allows computers and other devices to communicate over a wireless signal. It describes network components that are based on one of the 802.11 standards developed by the IEEE and adopted by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Wi-Fi standards: #802.11a – Supports a maximum theoretical bandwidth of 54Mbps #802.11b – Support […]