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Artificial Intelligence Course


The world of information technology is surely getting taken over by Artificial Intelligence and this is evident from the several fields where AI has penetrated. For instance, Netflix uses Artificial Intelligence to suggest shows and movies based on the social media behavior of an individual. The glaring fact is that Artificial Intelligence is being used in the mainstream even if we do not know it and it is soon going to enter every aspect of our lives. This surely means one thing – the demand for Artificial Intelligence is going to increase at a very high rate. Already, employer demand for AI related jobs has doubled over the past three years as per a survey by Indeed. The same survey also informs us that the three most demanded Artificial Intelligence jobs on the market are machine learning engineer, data scientist and software engineer.

Demand for professionals with skills in artificial intelligence, especially ones who have undergone artificial intelligence training has rapidly increased over the last 18 months. The Artificial Intelligent job postings in relation to the share of all job postings have gone up by 119%. Experts also suggest that competition in this area for tech talent is going to heat up fast and anyone with hands-on training from an industry oriented Artificial Intelligence course is at an advantage.

Most of the best artificial classroom courses are run in IT hubs of Bangalore, Hyderabad and other metros. But for the convenience and reach to students across all locations, online course in Artificial Intelligence are available. This means one does not have to do the course in Bangalore or other metros alone. You can, from the comfort of your home, learn from the best!