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The world has gotten increasingly digital! There is more data added on the internet in the last 3 years than added since the beginning of the internet age! This clearly means that big data is here to stay. While most people are wondering if news of loss of IT jobs during the last year means the end of vibrant IT careers, the actual is quite the opposite. There has been a sharp spike in the demand for big data professionals and this has opened up multiple job opportunities for IT aspirants.

In fact the importance of data analytics and big data is going to continue to rise in the coming years. Picking a career in the field of analytics and big data might just be what you have been looking to fill your IT career expectations. Professionals who work in this field earn impressive salaries and the hikes are expected to be the best in the industry. The more companies adapt to big data and analytics, the more the number of job vacancies in the field. About 80% of data scientists report that there is presently a shortage of big data professionals in the field.

To enter the big data job market, one would need hands-on training in the technology under the able guidance of experts. This is because college education, even graduation in the field of computer science does not give you sufficient industry oriented training. Thanks to evolved technology training methods, one need not spend too much by travelling for Big Data training in Bangalore or any other metro. One can opt for online training with just a desktop/laptop and an internet connection for one’s own hometown. This not only saves money but also allows you to train under experts who are not limited to a single location.