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Data Science


Data science works with a combination of trend identification, mathematics and computer sciences. The role of a data scientist is to decipher the huge volume of information and perform analytics to identify trend in the data and get deeper insight into what all the collected information can mean to the context of the client. Data science roles operate between the IT worlds, business and certain driven industries by analysis of complex datasets in order to figure out insights that can be leveraged on by companies to put into action.

The area of Data Science has been one that has garnered a lot of attention in terms of giving opportunities for IT aspirants. The role of a data scientist has become the hottest in the last 10 years now. In the world of data bases, companies need the valuable insights that data scientists can provide in order to stay a step ahead of their competition while keeping production costs low.

The biggest techies like Apple, Oracle, Walmart, Booz Allen Hamilton etc regularly post job requirements for data scientists. As per Forbes, for most part of 2016, there were almost 3000 new job postings every single month for data scientists alone. As per McKinsey Global Study, it is predicted that were will be over 2 lakhs positions open by the end of 2018!

The best way to get head way here is do a data science course. One must pick a course that trains them thoroughly in all aspects of data science giving industry oriented exposure. One need not necessarily move to a Metro as there is Data Science online training available. This turns out to be a convenient option as one need not pick and stay in Bangalore or any other metro as these online courses give it all to students – good faculty, hands-on experience, certification and a wealth of knowledge!