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Introduction to DevOps

The DevOps career path is one of the most personally satisfying career branches in the IT today. It is also extremely profitable and as per the salary survey conducted by several organizations, DevOps salaries median comes to anywhere from $104,000 ro $129,230 as per the size of the team. But in order to get into these DevOps job roles, one must build skill sets. There was a survey interview done of hiring managers looking for DevOps engineering skills in order to gather some advice and this is what they had to say:

  1. One must start cross-training: Whether one has been a developer for years or is a fresher, it is time to begin to acquire skills that are out of one’s comfort zone. Developers who get training in a DevOps course have an edge as operations professionals when they make their transition into DevOps engineering positions. This is due to not just the demands for programming in-house scripts and tools but also because they will be able to understand the regular needs of developers. If the DevOps engineer has been a developer, then the hiring managers prefer such candidates. So one looking to have a career in DevOps can also learn programming as an added skill.
  2. Building skills in a job one has for the targeted job: One should carve out their skills as per the DevOps job roles. This gives you a clear cut path on what you need to know. This can be done even on DevOps online courses that help you develop skills whether you are located in Bangalore, or a small town in any remote part of the country.

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