A Distributed network attack (DNA) technique is used to recover protected-passwords files using the unused processing power of machine across the network to decrypt passwords.

In this attack, a DNA manager is installed in a central location where machines running DNA clients can access it over the network.

Lets see a sample demo how this distributed network attack works.

  1. Download & install EDPR Server in main system.
  2. Download & install EDPR agents in clients machine.

STEP : 1

Once you installed and open the distributed password recovery software in the above snapshot you can see several tabs like task, agent, connections, messages and dictionary and logs.

DNA Attack


Step : 2

Let’s add agents to my machine so that I can utilize their unused processor memory to speed up my password recovery. Below snapshot is my machine tcp-port by using the same port only agents can connect.

Distributed Network Attack

Network Attacks

Above snapshot is for agent, you are able to see host tab. In host field, enter the ip address of the server. You can select localy or remotely based on your machine setup , tcp port should be same as in the TCP-port tab. These settings are done by agents.

Note: If all of the agents machine are in under same network means go for localy, if you want to connect your agents different network select remotely.

Step : 3

Here in the agent tab you are able to see how many clients are connected to your machine. As of now two agents are connected to my machine.

Recover Password

Step : 4

I created a sample word file with password protected .To crack the password of these files by adding those files into the task by click on new task and select the file from your saved path.

Password Hacking

Step : 5

I choosen to do hybrid attack to recover a password.. under hybrid three options are listed like common, dates and number. Here I selected common under that list.

Hacking Network Password

Step : 6

Once all these settings done lets start the process to recover of password. Click on start tab..

Password Recovery Process

You can see the process once its started like cpu specs. of their machine. Below snapshot is my 1st agent machine speed which I’m using it for recovery.

DNA Network Security

This is my 2nd agent machine speed of transmission its memory.

Attacking Network

Step : 7

Network Password Hack

Depends upon the speed password recovery won’t take much time.

Step : 8

Under the dictionaries and log tab, password which we recovered is stored and able to view also.

DNA Manager

Now click on view dictionary to see the password which we recovered.


Note : once these process done if we are going to do another task means before that clear the dictionaries , close the software and open it again because it stores the password in cache after the process is done.

Note : This is a trial version software we can recover minimum password of any type like numeric, characters.