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Introduction to Hadoop


The Hadoop market is all set to touch a whopping $99.31 billion by the year 2022 as per reports by Forbes. There is a reported shortage of 1.5 million data experts in the world! This clearly shows that Big data hadoop professionals are well in demand. The average salary of Big Data Hadoop as per indeed.com is now $135,000. The market for Big Data analytics is now growing all across the world and this spike in growth naturally translated to great opportunities for a lot of IT professionals.

As per the survey by Stack Overflow, Hadoop is leading as the most loved and popular framework in the Big data space.

As per Stack Overflow Survey 2017 results, Hadoop is leading in the most popular and most loved framework in Big Data space ( Survey Link). This is possible only because people from different IT perspective found Hadoop a potential career path and want to switch.

Whatever is your current role IT role, there will be an easily adaptable switch to a career in the Hadoop world. Some popular examples –

  • Software Developer(Programmer) -> Hadoop Data Developer who deals with different Hadoop abstraction SDKs and derive value from data.
  • Data Analyst -> So you are proficient in SQL.Huge opportunity in Hadoop to work on SQL engines like Hive or Impala
  • Business Analyst – > Organisations trying to become more profitable using massively collected data, and role for a business analyst is crucial in this.
  • ETL Developer – > If you are working as a traditional ETL developer, can easily shift to Hadoop ETL using tools like Spark.
  • Testers -> There is a huge demand for testers in the Hadoop world. By understanding the fundamentals of Hadoop and data profiling, any testers can switch to this role.
  • BI/DW professions – > Can easily switch to Hadoop Data architecting to Data modeling.
  • Senior IT professionals – > With a deep understanding of the domain and existing challenges in the data world, a senior professional can become consultants by gaining knowledge of how Hadoop trying to solve these challenges.
  • There are generic roles like Data Engineers or Big Data Engineering who is responsible for implementing solution mostly on top of Cloud vendors. By gaining knowledge of data components of the cloud provides, this will be a promising role.