1. Make sure that adb path is set or not.
How to check path is set or not.
i). Open the command prompt and type the adb

Above screen shows that it is not recognized as an internal or external command. Set the path in environmental variables Go to My computer -> properties -> Advanced System settings -> Environmental variables -> System Variables -> Edit path -> give ;C:adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20130729sdkplatform-tools -> OK -> OK -> OK.

That’s it.

2. Type the >adb shell in command prompt. And make sure that emulator is running or not.

3.Type the >cd /data/system command and then type ls command in in command prompt.

Here, you find the gesture.key file that is for key pattern.

4.Type the >cat gesture.key you will find the encrypted code.

5.Copy the value to notepad and save it with any name. Download the Free Hex Editor Neo for getting the hash code for pattern. Drag and drop the text file to Free Hex Editor.

6. Here, you got the hash value. Take that hash value and use rainbow tables for getting the plain text.

Type the Select * from rainbowtable where hash=” 726adf2d5c5b6e515a5d”; Then it will output as {2,1,0,3,6,7,8}

7. You can get the screen.