WhatsApp is application used to send messages globally for free. It is very popular because we can communicate with each other across the multiple mobile platforms. If you are using the WhatsApp application all your data is stored in your mobile device. So if you delete the chat also we can still recover data from its backup file. You can decrypt the db file and read the data in a single file.

Steps to extract or decrypt WhatsApp db file:

1. Find the database file in mobile device and copy in to the PC.
For example, if you are using the android device you find the path /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/

2. Next, download the file Whatsappextractor.zip from https://code.google.com/p/hotoloti/downloads/detail?name=Whatsapp_Xtract_V2.1_2012-05-10-2.zip&can=2&q= and extract the file.
3. Now download and install the python. After installing python you have to click on the install pyCrypto.bat file in the extracted file.
4. Next, copy the backup database file in to the extracted folder. And then click on the whatsapp_xtract_android_crypted.bat file.

5. Finally, it will generate the one file. It contains the all the chats with the specific date.