The term “root” comes from the linux and is used to describe a user who has “super user” permissions to all the files and programs in the OS. If your Android device is not rooted then you won’t have permissions to excute any files in the OS. You may get an error as “access denied “. So it is very important to root your device.

There are different types of prompts in linux:

Once you rooted your device you will get the $ prompt
$ whoami
$ su -root (it will change the prompt to #)
# whoami

Steps to do rooting an android device:

1. Go to Android device —-> settings —-> Applications —-> Development —->enable USB Debugging.

2. Connect the device to the pc via USB cable and check the device is connected or not.
Open cmd —> adb devices

3. Download the SuperOneClick – short fuse from

4. Install the Super One Click and click on root.

And then click on the shell root.