How to unlock any IPHONE in 2 minutes…!!!

Iphone Hacking

  • Lock the screen.
  • Scroll down the task menu above and don’t remove your finger.
  • Scroll it 1 cm up and you can see the slide option under it.
  • Now slide it and press the lock button.

IPHONE is unlocked

Hack IPHONE with SIRI…!!!

  • Try typing the password and it says wrong.
  • Then hold the back button and say “Hey SIRI, what’s the time?”
  • Click on “time”.
  • Click on add new time “(+)”.
  • Choose any location.

SIRI hacking iphone

  • Then click on “location”.
  • Click “select all”.
  • Click “share”.
  • Select “Message”.
  • Type name
  • Now click on “return”.
  • You can see the name turned green
  • Click on the name and click again
  • Select “Create new contact”.
  • Click “Add a new photo”.
  • Now choose a picture from photos
  • Don’t close.
  • Now click on the home button .

And you can see the IPHONE unlocked…..!!!!

How to hack any WIFI using android mobile with Root 

wifi hacking with rooted android

  • Install WIFI, WPA & WPS Tester App from google play.
  • Now open your mobile settings-> WIFI.
  • Click on the menu bar on the right top corner on your screen.
  • Click on WPS SETUP
  • Click WPS tester.
  • Now open your App and scan for WIFI’s.
  • Click on the WIFI to which you want to connect..

And there you go…..!!!!!

How to Boost or Increase your JIO 4G internet speed

4g speed increase in reliance 4g

  • Go to SETTINGS and click on MORE
  • Click on APN
  • Click on ADD APN (+)
  • Type: Name= JIO NEW



Authentication type= None

APN Protocol= IPv4

APN Roaming Protocol= IPv4

Bearer = LTE

  • Don’t close without saving.
  • Save and try to download an APP.

You can see that the speed is increased….!!!!!

Hacking Mobile Phones Using 2D Printed Finger Scan

Finger Print Hacking mobiles

Present days most of the users use mobiles with finger print scanning access. It is one of the main vulnerabilities that an android mobile can have. So you can make use of this vulnerability to unlock any android device without root and without password.

You can unlock them using a transparent tape , clay , glue and fevicol. Take a silver paper and place the finger properly on it and remove it . Now remove it and let it dry. Now apply fevicol on it and let it dry. Now peel off properly and you will find the finger print on it. Now place it on your finger and try to unlock. It works….!!!!!