What is NFS?

The NFS (Network File System) is a client/server application that lets a computer user view and optionally store and update file on a remote computer. The user system needs to have an NFS client and the other computer needs the NFS server. In single sentence NFS is a another way to sharing files across a network

NFS was developed by the Sun Microsystems and has been designated as a file server standard. Its protocols use the Remote procedure Call (RPC) method of communication between computers. You can install NFS (Network File System) on Windows systems and other operating systems.


Using NFS, the user or system administrator can mount or a portion of a file system. The portion of a file system that is mounted can be accessed with whatever privileges go with your access to each file (read-only or read-write).

Step 1: Install the NFS server in Windows 7
Go to the website http://www.hanewin.net/nfs-e.htm and install the NFS server

Install NFS Server

Step 2: After downloading NFS server from the website we need to configure the server

NFS Server Configure

After running as a administrator we need to make some changes in the NFS sever

Hanewin NFS Server
NFS Server in Windows

From the above figure we observed that the port number 1058 and 2049. The protocol 1058 is used to set formalized rules that explain how data is communicated over a network. By default to start the service NFS the port number 2049 should be open. By default the transfer size of the NFS is 8192(bytes). But here we can increase the transfer size of NFS and the screen shot is shown in below.

Configuring NFS Server for Windows

From the above screenshot I increased the transfer size of NFS is 30000.

Step 3: Now I created one folder called “Triad” and this folder contains one text file called “jeevan” in windows 7.

Network File system

Step 4: Now again open the NFS server click on the “Exports” option and in that “Exports” again click on “Edit export file” by default it contains some demo options we need to comment out by using # option and we need to copy the path of the file “Triad” and we need to give permission parameters and we need to specify the name for that path of the file and Restart the server. The following screenshot is shown in below.

Accessing windows shared files in Linux

Linux Server NFS

NFS Server Permissions

Linux machine services

In the above screenshot I had given the path of the file which has to be share and given only the permission read-only parameter and given the name for this entire path as “triadjeevan”. After completion of this process restart the server. Check the following screenshot.

NFS showmount command

After completion configuration part. Now open the Linux machine and start the services “rpcbind” and “nfs-common”.

Windows Network Files

To check the files which are shared in the NFS server by remote system we have to use this command.

Showmount –e

After using the above command it will show the files with the permission.

Linux Network Files

Now we can connect to /triadjeevan file by using the below command
Mount –t nfs : path which to save the file

NFS server Mount

Mounting NFS Server in Windows

Ohhh great!!!!!!!!!
Now we can see the clients who are mounted to this NFS server. The following screenshot is shown in below.

Network NFS