Skype is a free Instant messenger and video chat. It is very popular tool because we can call to any person and chat with them anywhere in the world. Most of the smart phone users are installed the Skype in their mobile devices. Through that they can communicate with their friends, relatives and working professionals. Whoever communicating through skype all their data stored in the mobile device application memory. So there is no security to your chating messages. Once any get access to your mobile device they can take the db files and extract with skype xtractor tool.

Steps to extract the skype db files

1.Find the db files in the mobile devices and copy it to PC.

2.Next, download the skype

3.Now download and install the python. After installing python you have to click on the install pyCrypto.bat file in the extracted file.

4.Next, copy the backup database file in to the extracted folder.

5.Open the skype extractor path in cmd. and type the python main.db.

6.Finally, it will generate the one file. It contains the all the chats with the specific date.