What is Steganography?

Steganography is the art or practice of concealing a file, message, image, or video within another file, message, image, or video.

The word steganography combines the Ancient Greek words
steganos – meaning “covered, concealed, or protected”, and
graphein – meaning “writing”.

Motivation And Goal:
• Protection of Digital Media
• Privacy of information transmitted across world wide web

• To make transmitted information invisible by embedding the information in a cover media
• Try to enhance the security and robustness of the information

Steganography process

Types of Steganography:
Types of Steganography

Protection Against Detection:
Here the message is hided in images where the third person cannot see the message embedded in the image.

Protection Against Removal:
Here the certain message are embedded on the image to protect their property from the theft or pirated.
There are two types :
• WaterMarking
• Hologram

Method 1:-
Here tool is used is Quick Stegano
Step1: Download the Quick Stegano application and install in the computer
Open the application

Quick Stegano

Step2: Open the Image of your choice to embed your message

Detecting Steganography

Step 3: Open the text file or message that you want steganographed

Network Security Steganography

Step 4: Click the hide text button to hide the message into image that you have selected.

Steganography Network

Step 5: finally Steganography is done

Protecting Steganography

Check the Size of the file before and after Steganography
Steganography WaterMarking

Method 2:
This method using the command line in windows machine
1. Open the command prompt in windows
2. Place the image on desktop or folder
3. Write a following command with the message to write your message in the image that you want to hide.
Steganography Hologram

4. To see the message want you written
• Open the steganographed in the Notepad.exe
• Scroll down till the last line
Steganography Secured Message
Here you can See the message u have written

Advantage over Cryptography:

The advantage of steganography over cryptography alone is that the intended secret message does not attract attention to itself as an object of scrutiny.

Means :Plainly visible encrypted messages—no matter how unbreakable—will arouse interest

Thus, whereas cryptography is the practice of protecting the contents of a message alone, steganography is concerned with concealing the fact that a secret message is being sent, as well as concealing the contents of the message.